We now have a KEITO machine in store!

The KEITO machine will measure your:


It is really important to keep a check on your blood pressure and this machine helps make it more convenient and easy to carry out! You will be given a personal ID card which allows you to track your history in easy to follow charts. This is also very useful to present to your GP when you have check-ups so they can see how your Blood Pressure, weight etc have been controlled.

High Blood Pressure usually has no symptoms!!

High Blood pressure causes gradual damage to the blood vessels and the heart without any obvious symptoms. If left untreated this damage progresses over time and may result in stroke, heart attack or kidney damage.
Measuring your blood pressure is a simple check which takes only about 2 minutes and it could save your life!

Our staff are available to help you understand your results and guide you in the right direction if any treatment is required.

To launch our new KEITO machine we are currently giving you a personal card with 3 free uses on it to get you started. Just ask any of our staff for information!!