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Are you going on holidays this year with kids?

Take away the worry of a lost child before you leave! Kooliobandz now in stock in Morgans!!!

A lost child is a highly stressful event for both parent and child – people will go out of their way to return lost children – the challenge is often finding the parent or getting contact details while keeping the child calm.

Koolio have created a simple, safe and cost effective way for you to put secure ID on your precious child with complete anonymity and yet provide a simple method for the finder to let you know where you can collect your child.

Works 24/7.
All countries – 40 languages
No personal data displayed.
Helps reunite you with your lost child.
When a child is found, using their smartphone or PC, the finder goes to the website www.KoolioBandz.com chooses their native language from the list and enters the code on your child’s wristband. They then type a message letting you know where you can collect your child and sends the message – our system then sends a text message (SMS) to you in your chosen language. (The sender never sees your mobile number).

We have thought of everything:

- The code is completely random so it cannot be guessed.
- We link your child’s code with two mobile numbers, yours and another you nominate. When your child is found you will receive a message from us, wherever you may be in the world, at no charge
- We don’t ask for or hold on to names, addresses or any personal information.
- We allow people who speak different languages communicate – so a person typing a message in Spanish arrives on your phone in English.
- Best of all we only charge you once for the wristbands – there’s no subscription and no annual fee.



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